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Tech Support

At Beresford Telephone we pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service!  We want to make sure that our customers' telephone, internet, and cable are running full speed all the time!  We have compiled a list of some of the common support questions that we are asked to help eliminate a service call to your house or business.  Still not working?  Don't worry, we have techs on call even after business hours to help with your Telephone/Internet/Cable problems!

  • Why Fiber?
    *Only fiber to the premises will be able to meet the exploding demand for bandwidth and deliver nextgeneration services *Fiber is less expensive to maintain and operate *Can deliver broadband services for medicine, education, home-based businesses, home automation, video and games *Fiber to the home positions communities for tomorrow’s jobs and economic growth *Services are requiring higher upstream bandwidth which most DSL cannot provide *Broadband over fiber is the utility that owners and renters especially value. Fiber connected homes are easier to sell and to rent
  • Broadband and Bandwidth
    *Bandwidth is the ability to carry information. The more bandwidth a network has, the more bits of information it can carry in a given amount of time *Worldwide internet traffic roughly doubles every 2 years and has increased even faster lately because of smartphone use along with internet based streaming video products *By the end of 2013, network equipment vendor Cisco noted that traffic had reached levels not expected until 2020, seven years ahead of schedule *Video formats are becoming more bandwidth-intensive with the resolution of HD, 3D, and now 4K (Ultra HD) which requires 16 to 32 Mbps even with the best compression technology *Other drivers of bandwidth demand: cloud storage, health care images, business and science, voiceactivated searches, and self-driving vehicles *Download is the information that is coming in such as streaming videos to your TV and upload would be information that is going out such as sending information to the Cloud. Fiber is far better suited to support faster upload than any other medium *Copper can support high bandwidth although the longer a signal has to travel the lower the bandwidth. Typically 50Mbps download will travel 1800’ before it starts to degrade under ideal conditions.
  • The Light Fantastic
    *All modern communications systems are based on fiber optic cable *Uses hair-thin strands of glass that carry information by using pulses of light usually created by lasers that are turned on and off very quickly *Lasers can travel long distances approx... 40 miles or more without degrading or need for refreshing *Fiber is very rugged unlike copper which can corrode and be affected by water. Copper is conductive and can be affected by lightning and fiber is not.
  • Why we’ll always need more bandwidth
    *On the internet, bandwidth drives innovation, and innovation drives bandwidth demand *Devices currently driving demand: smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, video streaming devices, home security, thermostats, broadcast alerts, video images to our phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, music devices, video/voice conferencing for businesses, just to name a few
  • Gigabit (and more) To the Home
    *A gigabit (1Gbps or 1,000 Mbps) is about 100 times higher than the average downstream internet speed in the U.S. and many times higher than the average upstream *Gigabit subscribers typically are on the internet an average of 8 hours a day, have multiple network devices connected and have the need for rapid file transfers
  • Vital For Education
    *Students need access to media-rich digital learning materials *Video conference of online high school classes with teachers and courses that are available in other districts *Video conference of online college classes for people pursuing continuing education
  • Smart Cities, Smart Farms"
    *Security cameras for protection of lives and properties used by both local governments and property owners *Meters that can read electric and water consumption, Street lights that adapt to movement by pedestrians, cyclists and cars, trash cans that alert sanitation workers when they need to be emptied, and parking lots that tell drivers which spaces are open *Commute farmer who uses broadband to monitor and prevent theft of livestock and expensive equipment, sensors on grain bins to monitor temperature and humidity, sensors on fuel tanks to also prevent theft.
  • Broadband, Property Values and Economic Growth"
    *FTTH Council Americas found that access to fiber increases a home’s value by up to 3.1 percent *Studies conclude that lack of broadband access is responsible for at least a quarter and probably half of all rural job loss *Survey showed that, although residents rank good broadband as the top amenity they desire in a new dwelling, building owners and property managers (who tend to be older) rank it lower.
  • FTTH for Communities
    *Fiber connectivity encourages businesses to stay, helps businesses grow and become more productive, attracts new businesses, particularly in high-tech industries *It makes a community more attractive – especially for young people – which can stem the population loss that many small communities experience *FTTH is only one component of an overall economic development strategy, but it’s a vitally important one *Companies have lessened the cost of a fiber project by preparing and installing ducts whenever past repairs or new services were preformed.
  • Is FTTH Too Expensive?
    *Usually, FTTH in not more expensive than other technologies.
  • Community Success Stories
    *Communities without robust broadband pay a price of losing jobs and residents *Communities use the fiber network for several smart-grid applications including its automated metering infrastructure (AMI) systems which reads electric and water meters and uses the fiber backbone to backhaul information from wireless collectors.
  • Builders, Real Estate Developers and FTTH"
    *Fiber builds do require engineering *All the usual building codes for cabling do apply *Expect users to desire broadband connections in virtually any room (bedrooms, office-dens, kitchens, and family rooms) and all others *Currently a few internet connected devices include: telephones, televisions, set-top boxes, thermostats, security sensors, surveillance systems, cell phones, streaming video devices, and more *As the IoT (Internet of Things) develops, even more appliances will be Internet enabled.
  • How do I contact Beresford Telephone?
    You can contact us in many ways regarding billing, changes, new services, or troubles! Phone: Main Office - (605) 763-2500 After Hours Trouble - (605) 763-8725 Email: In Person or mail: 120 East Main Street, Beresford SD 57004
  • What are your hours?
    Main Office Hours - Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm After Hours Trouble - 24 Hours a Day
  • What Services are available for me and how soon can my services be turned on?
    Please browse our webpage, stop in the office, or give us a call! We would love to visit to see what we can do for you! We try to get our customers up and going as soon as possible, and try our best to provide same day service!
  • Is there a fee for having a technician come to my home or business?
    This depends on what seems to be the problem. If there are problems with Beresford Telephone equipment or service there would be no cost to our customer. If it is deemed to be a customer issue (plugged in wrong, cat chewed a wire, unable to scan tv, etc.) then there would be a charge to have a technician come out, diagnose the problem, and fix it
  • Who should I call before I dig?
    Always call 811 before you start digging to protect yourself from injury and expenses. If you hit an underground utility line while digging, you can harm yourself or those around you, disrupt service in your neighborhood and potentially be responsible for fines and repairs. It's free, easy and will get your utility lines marked so you'll know what's below. Click the image to the left to find out more information.
  • What Internet Package should I subscribe to?
    Every day most people are connected to the internet one way or another. Here at BMTC we are asked all the time "How much bandwidth do I need?". Click the image to the left and use the calculator to find out an estimate of how much bandwidth your home or business could use at one time.
  • My Internet seems slow, what can I do?"
    In this day and age, you wouldn't believe how many devices connect to the internet! This can cause congestion on your network and cause things to seem slow. Here are a few items to consider: ​ 1) Are other devices currently working hard on your network? Kids downloading games or streaming videos? Computers doing updates? All of these things can cause other devices on your network to be slowed down. 2) Are you too far away from your router? Routers are designed to be in the middle of the house on the main or upper levels for best coverage. If you have a large home or its not possible to have the router in the middle, you may want to look at having an Access Point or Mesh Network put in. 3) Routers are basically a small computer, and sometimes need to rebooted and given a "fresh start". We recommend unplugging your router for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Please DO NOT press RESET on the back as that will erase all your settings. Plug it back in and after a couple minutes your network should be back up! Routers are also electronic devices, and we all know, electronic devices can fail. If this is the case we can set up a new router for you.
  • Am I able to move my router and modem?
    This can be a simple process or complex, depending on your home or business. Some customers have no problem being able to move and plug in their equipment in their homes. However, some homes have bad wiring or jacks that are disconnected making this task a difficult one.
  • How do I check my BeresfordTel Email?
    The fastest and simpliest wat to check your email with us is to click WebMail. This is web based and will allow you to access the email from any device, anywhere, that is connected to the internet. There are a few other option to check your Email; If you have an email software such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird, you can click the start menu, or often just double-click the icon on your desktop to open the software.
  • What are your Email Server Settings?
    Incoming Server Settings: Server Name Port Security Authentication IMAP 143 STARTTLS Normal Password IMAPS 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password POP3 110 None Normal Password POP3S 995 SSL/TLS Normal Password Outgoing Server Settings: Server Name Port Security Authentication 25 None Normal Password 465 SSL/TLS Normal Password 587 STARTTLS Normal Password
  • How do I set up my Windows 10 Mail?
    - Click the “Windows” button in the lower left and choose the “MAIL” application button on your screen - Click the “Get Started” button - Click the “Add Account” button - Click on the Scroll bar on the right side and scroll down until you see “Advanced Setup” - Click “Advanced Setup” - Click on “Internet email” - Type in your Email Address, Your Name, Incoming Server(, and choose Account Type (POP3) . Then click the scroll bar on the right and scroll down to the other settings - After scrolling down, type in Username(do not type after), enter your password, and enter the outgoing SMTP mail server ( Continue scrolling down for more settings - Verify that “Outgoing Server requires authentication”, “Use the same user name and password for sending mail”, and “Require SSL for outgoing email” are all checked and then - Click Sign-in - Choose Done on the “All done!” window - Click “Ready to go” - Your Windows 10 Mail application will open up and you will be ready to send/receive BMTC emails
  • Do you have a program guide?
    All of our digital set top boxes now have a NEW HD Guide! Not a digital customer yet? Not a problem, take a look at the home page and you will see a link to an online guide so you can view current programming, just enter our zip-code!
  • Can I purchase Pay Per View?
    We apologize, BMTC does not offer any PPV channels
  • I have digital cable with a set top box, can I watch more than 1 TV?"
    Absolutely! Your TV with the set top will have the best variety of channels, but you can hook up other TV's in your home to normal cable and receive Tier 2 channels at no additional cost! Better yet, add additional set top boxes to your account for 1/2 Price!
  • I am missing certain channels
    Periodically our TV's may need to be rescanned to find missing channels. There are thousands of different brands of TV's, but all have the basic concept of going to the "Menu", then "Video or Setup", then "Scan or Add Channels", then "Cable", then "Start". This process may take 5 to 15 minutes but should pull in any missing channels!
  • How do I program my DVR Remote?
    Universal Remotes for our DVR's work great, but sometimes you want to find out what certain features do or you purchased a new TV and you want to find the Programming Code. Click the Image of your remote below to find the manual for your remote.
  • My phone doesn't have dial tone?
    This could be caused by a number of different things. Let's walk through a few things to check: Did it get unplugged? Plug it back in and check for dial tone. Is the cord in good shape? Check both the cord going to the wall and the coil cord connecting to the receiver. If you find a bad spot replace it and try again. ​ Is the battery old? Cordless phones and some corded phones have batteries, check to see if they are in good shape. Is another phone in the house working? If another phone that uses the same number is working, it may be an issue with the troubled phone itself. Stop into BMTC, let's have a chat and see if it is something that can be repaired or browse check out our selection of new and used phones.
  • How do I check my BMTC Voicemail?
    There are a few different levels of BMTC Voicemail service that are avaiable to our customers to give them quick, easy access to their voicemails. Basic Voice Mail - From your phone call *98 to access (or call 763-8624 from a different number) Basic Voice Mail + E-mail - Voicemail Messages will be sent to a specified email Enhanced Voice Mail + E-mail - Voicemails can be accessed via web, phone app, and email notifications. If you have Enhanced Voice Mail + E-mail please click here to access your web portal.
  • We are building/remodeling our home, what should we have in our home?"
    Home run Cat 5 wiring from the jack to the utility room. No daisy chain wiring. No splitters in the walls or jacks. Run Cat 5 wiring anywhere a TV might be in the future, for example, above fireplaces, higher up on living room walls, garage, covered patio, etc. Cat 5 will future proof the home. Wherever Coax cable is run, a Cat 5 cable should be in the box too. For Coax, use RG6, not RG-59. We ask that you have rigid conduit from where our utilities hit outside the home to the utility room. This needs to be done before you sheetrock. You need an outlet in the utility room to plug in switches and power supplies. You need room (2’ x 3’ minimum) on a board in the utility room to mount BMTC equipment (power pack, switch, wireless router, block, splitter) Leave enough slack in utility room for wire termination. RJ-45 jacks are wired out “TIA-568 B" Confused? Feel like you just read gibberish? Don't worry, this can be a challenging task, but we are here to help you through it!
  • Does BMTC do wiring?
    Yes! BMTC will do new home construction wiring, remodel wiring, running new jacks, or fixing existing wiring. Contact our main office to have our technicians come out and help with your project!
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