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Telephone Service


There are many pros and cons to have a landline home phone or not. Chat with us today, let us help you make an educated decision if a home phone is right for you and your family.

Beresford Telephone offers full service local and long distance telephone for both business and residential customers.  

 Let us find what fits the needs of your home or business today!

Telephone Service Rates

Basic Residential Telephone Service                       

Basic Business Single Line Telephone Service        

Basic Business Multi Line Telephone Service       

All Above prices are subject to change each quarter due to FUSC fluctuation

$100.00 Deposit required for new customers

(Deposit is returned to customer after 12 consecutive, timely payments)




Optional Features/Add Ons

Caller ID           

Call Waiting               

Call Forward      

Voicemail - Basic 

Telemarketer Call Screening

Additional Directory Listing 







Financial Assistance for

Low-Income Customers 

Long Distance Rates

In-State Connection Only                                            $0.16/minute      

Out-of-State Connection Only                                     $0.14/minute

Real Deal Plan (Both In-State and Out-of- State )      $0.14/minute

Only Pay for What You Use!!!

800 Numbers are available upon request

Above pricing does not include directory assistance or 0+ calls

Information regarding the

 Real Deal plan 

HPBX Business VOIP 911 and E911 Notice

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