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Fiber Optic Internet


Beresford Telephone offers High Speed Internet using Fiber Optic Technology that can provide speeds of up to 1000 mbps (1 Gig)!  Not only that, but we offer many different products for you to purchase to keep your network running at Full Speed!!

Financial Assistance for

Low-Income Customers 

Financial Assistance for

Low-Income Customers 

Fiber Optic Internet

What Speed Package do I need?

The speed package that you need depends on a number of different factors

What are you doing online?  

Streaming 4K movies will use a lot more bandwidth then just checking emails, and most families may have 2,3, or more TVs streaming at the same time

How many Devices are online at the same time?

You might be surprised at home many devices are connected to the internet in your home.  From Smart Doorbells, Cameras, Appliances, Phones, TVs, Thermostats, and more - The list grows Daily!

Click the below button to find out an estimate of how much Bandwidth your home may need

$100 Deposit required for new Internet customers

(Deposit is returned to customer after 12 timely, consecutive payments)





Adtran Dual Band Router

With Managed Wi-Fi



Adtran Wireless Mesh Unit

*Must have Managed

Wi-Fi Router*



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